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Gyada Cosmetics Anti-frizz Shampoo
  • Gyada Cosmetics Anti-frizz Shampoo
  • Gyada Cosmetics Anti-frizz Shampoo
Color Vibes

Anti-frizz Shampoo

For stressed, treated and dry hair. 250ml

Designed for the cleansing of both curly and straight hair that are matted and rough to the touch. Its formula, based on very delicate surfactants, makes it suitable also for cleansing stressed hair with split ends that tend to break very easily. Its emollient and filmogenic action on hair shaft comes from the vegetable oils of Argan, Flax and Avocado; these, combined with the mucilages of the Mauve extract, the hydrolyzed proteins of Soy and the waters of Rose and Cornflower with their strong moisturizing properties, restore the normal softness and silkiness of the hair. Moreover, its hair conditioning and disciplining properties greatly contribute to the reduction of the electrostatic effect of the hair that therefore looks less frizzy.


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