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Gyada Cosmetics Face Serum - Purifying / Oily Skin n.6
  • Gyada Cosmetics Face Serum - Purifying / Oily Skin n.6
Face Serum

Face Serum - Purifying / Oily Skin n.6

A Face Emulsion Serum with a high concentration of functional substances and plant extracts useful for the treatment of impure, acned and oily skin. 30ml

Contains an innovative Purifying Complex consisting of Serenoa and Juniper which synergically play an antimicrobial action, reduces the formation of blackheads and regulates sebum production. Also the extract of Burdock and Propolis contribute to a purifying and sebum regulating effect.
Enriched with organic aloe Vera juice, vitamin E and Macadamia oil, it helps to purify, soothe and refresh even inflamed skins.


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