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Gyada Cosmetics RE:PuritySkin Sleeping Mask
  • Gyada Cosmetics RE:PuritySkin Sleeping Mask
  • Gyada Cosmetics RE:PuritySkin Sleeping Mask
RE:Purity Skin

RE:PuritySkin Sleeping Mask

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Re:PuritySkin Sleeping Mask is a no-rinse night mask ideal for oily, impure and skin with acne. Formulated with innovative plant-derived active ingredients that help counteract the onset of skin imperfections, rebalance the production of sebum and the skin microbiome. 


It contains Fermented marine extracts (from Pseudoalteromonas) which reduces the accumulation of sebum and helps treat blemishes related to the presence of dilated pores; Complex of green and brown marine algae (Chlorella and Laminaria) and Sea water that strengthen the normal bacterial flora of the skin, essential for protecting the skin from redness and imperfections; Niacinamide (Vitamin PP) with sebum-regulating and regenerating properties; Salicylic acid with keratolytic, purifying and soothing properties; Magnolia Extract; Chamomile Water that soothes and reduces the itching sensation; Macadamia Oil, a well-known non-comedogenic and sebum-like ingredient, with a strong antioxidant power; Borage oil with sebum-regulating power and Hyaluronic Acid with High Molecular Weight that leaves the skin soft and hydrated.


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RE:Purity Skin

RE:PURITY SKIN is the specific facial line to cleanse, moisturize and purify the epidermis, counteracting the onset of imperfections, rebalancing the production of sebum and...
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