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Our Brand

Gyada Cosmetics is a brand of Eco-Bio, Vegan e Cruelty Free cosmetic products.

Gyada Cosmetics has a simple and clear mission: to propose high performance cosmetics thanks to the use of exclusively natural formulation.

Research&Development as a perfect solution to obtain a high quality product and with the natural formulation always. This is our professional choice for creating own any products. We usually study and test each cosmetic for much time in order to find absolute perfection and winning detail. High quality and efficacy of products is obtained by natural formulation, biological and vegetal essences.

In Gyada Cosmetics products there are not: BHA-BHT-COLOURAN-EDTA-PEG-PARABENS-PETROLATUM-SLES-SLS-SILICONE. In addition, all products are Nickel Tested.

We think each product is like a jewel: precious, unique and inimitable. A fine present for lovers of wellness, beauty and nature.

Why Gyada?

The name of Gyada is a result of many influences that hold love, beauty and life.

The Giada stone is composed of different minerals with delicate green colour and crystalline reflections, and it is connected to 4 Chakra. The fourth is the heart Chakra, here energizing and physique functions of human being spin around it.

Gyada is also a feminine name, a faithful friend. A creator of little dreams that can become true.